Sabtu, 12 Maret 2011

Berburu Girls Bispak di Facebook

Hunting Girls Bispak on Facebook - Girls special delight is the term given to the age of middle-aged woman with a hooked with men younger than himself. Most of this cougar aged between 30 to 40 years. To get a cougar or a cougar hp numbers somewhat tricky, we can meet her at the mall, the gym or a gym, restaurant, or we can also hunt cougar on facebook or other sites that provide the means to chat or user profiles so that you Images can also find the cougar.

The easiest to hunt cougar is on facebook, because it takes extra courage if we direct action in public places like restaurants, shopping mall or the gym. I do not know why, maybe if on facebook do not know we would be embarrassed to know we can also lure them with cool status on facebook, with pictures that interest them and also the words that can play their emotions.

Cougar usually is a lonely ladies who do not all require an intimate relationship, in fact most of them just want a friend to talk or tell something. For that do not jump to the point you approach the cougar destination, just slowly, get her heart, and you will get everything.
Most of this cougar started looking for young men to hang out on facebook or applications that provide a means to chat like mIRC, Yahoo messenger, camfrog, chat and other media. So start from there, if you've got it invite him to chat with a lighter topic, if the cougar is interested in the chat you then they will try to find even asked for photos of you and then proceed with the exchange of phone numbers to facilitate the ground coffee. And if at the time of ground coffee that you successfully make it fall in the liver, usually the meeting will proceed in a hotel room or other private places.
But the first time that you must do to hunt cougar in facebook is seaching wrote with the keyword "cougar" or "number hp cougar", "cougar phone number", "cougar Jakarta", and "cougar Surabaya" , from there you will get lots of search results with these words. You could say every town has a group on facebook cougar lovers like Jakarta, Bandung, Surabaya, Makassar, and Manado.
And not only in the group on facebook just cougar, cougar even some openly make their profiles enough to convince with words and photos decoy very tempting. But not a few others from the facebook profile was a fake, or indeed genuine but rarely updated. I also recommend if you really want to hunt cougar in up, use fake profiles also because it is very dangerous if caught by your family, friends, boyfriend, or gebetan.

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